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Celsense, Inc. offers novel imaging agents used to non-invasively visualize and measure biological processes at the cellular level in humans and other living organisms. The core innovations of the Company involve perfluorocarbon emulsions that can be used to observe cell trafficking using fluorine magnetic resonance imaging (19F MRI) techniques.  

Multiple application driven formulations are offered in two product families Cell Sense and V-SenseCell Sense is primarily used to image the administration, migration, and persistence of transplanted cells.  V-Sense is primarily used to image localized inflammation.

All Celsense, Inc. products are sold under Material Transfer and License Agreements.  Licensed users are granted access to Voxel Tracker, a proprietary software suite designed to maximize the value of MRI data sets acquired using Celsense products.  The Cell Sense and V-Sense formulation names and fill sizes are listed below.

Applications for 19F MRI cell tracking include the discovery and development of therapeutic agents (small molecules, recombinant proteins, or therapeutic cells), developing pharmacokinetic data for therapeutic cells in clinical trials, and monitoring delivery of therapeutic cells for approved cell therapies where on target delivery is fundamental to the treatment.

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