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Launch of Dual-Mode Near-Infrared Probe for Imaging Inflammation by MRI and Optical Approaches

Pittsburgh, PA (January 21, 2013) - Celsense, Inc. announced today the launch of another dual-mode version of its inflammation imaging reagent, V- Sense. V-Sense is an injectable perfluorocarbon magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tracer agent that labels leukocytes in situ, enabling the non-invasive visualization and quantification of localized inflammation. The newly introduced dual-mode agent V-Sense DM NIR provides investigators with a tool to accelerate preclinical validation studies using in vivo near-infrared (NIR) imaging systems as well as MRI. V-Sense DM NIR provides a stable signal for serial in vivo imaging over extended time periods. V-Sense DM NIR can be used in laboratories where MRI is not readily available for routine experiments, and MRI data can be confirmed by optical imaging.

About V-Sense
V-Sense is a fluorocarbon tracer agent used to label cells in vitro then transplanted thus enabling investigators and clinicians to noninvasively track the administration and delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic cells in vivo using MRI. Applications include tracking therapeutic cells in regenerative medicine and immunotherapy applications, and observing localized immune system response by tracking populations of immune system cells. Using software developed by Celsense, the investigators can quantify the number of labeled cells in a user-specified region of interest.

About Celsense, Inc.
Celsense, Inc. develops and markets novel products that enable the non-invasive imaging of populations of cells in vivo using MRI. Customers include leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as medical research centers worldwide. Celsense’s mission is to be the standard for cellular imaging in human health.

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Charlie O’Hanlon, President and CEO
Celsense, Inc.
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