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Celsense, Inc. Launches Product Upgrades for Voxel Tracker ®

July 18, 2012 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Celsense, Inc. announced today the launch multiple upgrades for its software platform Voxel Tracker ®.

Voxel Tracker ® is a powerful software product that optimizes the value of the data sets derived from the use of Celsense imaging reagents. Celsense offers both a web based and workstation versions of the Voxel Tracker ®, permitting customers the flexibility of managing their imaging data in cloud or on their desktop.

The recently introduced product enhancements include user interface improvements that make it easier to import raw files generated by older versions of console software from Bruker and Agilent (Varian) scanners.  “We expect these improvements to the front end of Voxel Tracker ® will significantly improve the customer experience for end users of the Cell Sense and V-Sense data sets,” said Charlie O’Hanlon, President and CEO of Celsense, Inc.

Access to the web based version of Voxel Tracker ® is now bundled with the standard Celsense, Inc. license agreement for academic and commercial customers. Licensed users have unlimited access to Voxel Tracker ® for up to 10 users. Users can access the data from any computer via the Voxel Tracker ® website: www.voxeltracker.com. The workstation version of Voxel Tracker® can be run on a single computer or an enterprise server in most operating system environments.

About Celsense, Inc.
Celsense, Inc. offers products that enable the non-invasive imaging of inflammation and transplanted cells using MRI. The mission of the company is to be the standard for cellular imaging in human health.

Celsense, Inc. markets three reagent families for MRI of cells for discovery, pre-clinical research and translational medicine.  The company also offers the Voxel Tracker ® software for visualizing and quantifying cells in MRI data sets. Customers include leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and biomedical research centers worldwide. 

Contact Information:

Charlie O’Hanlon, President and CEO
Celsense, Inc.
(412) 263-2870

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