NEWS RELEASE - For Immediate Release

Celsense, Inc. Announces New Product Release

July 23, 2008 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Celsense, Inc. announced today that Gene Sense, a DNA-based MRI reporter construct, is being offered to customers in the United States. Distributed in a novel plasmid containing a Neo/Kan cassette, CMV promoter, FLAG linker, and a multiple cloning site (MCS), Gene Sense can be used to label cells in vitro or used to image expression of genes of interest in vivo.

“The ability to image vector delivery has been a significant barrier to the development of new gene-based therapies. Gene Sense is an exciting new product that should greatly accelerate the discovery and preclinical research of novel therapeutics,” said Charlie O’Hanlon, President and CEO of Celsense, Inc.

About Celsense, Inc. – Celsense offers products that enable the real-time in vivo detection of inflammation of transplanted cells for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes, using MRI.  The mission of the company is to be the standard for cellular imaging in human health.

Contact Information:

Charlie O’Hanlon, President and CEO
Celsense, Inc.
(412) 263-2870