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Celsense, Inc. Opens New R&D Facility

New and expanded research and development facility, a key component to Celsense’s commercialization strategy for its lead cellular imaging products


Pittsburgh, PA (May 19, 2009) —Celsense, Inc., an emerging biotechnology reagent company offering novel pre-clinical and clinical-grade molecular imaging agents used to non-invasively visualize and measure cellular activity and biodistribution, announced today it has now opened its new, expanded research and development facility.

The new space allows the company to consolidate its former laboratory spaces into a new facility more proximate to its office.  The new facility and company headquarters are located on the third floor of Two Gateway Center, a 20-story office building in the heart of Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle in which Celsense now maintains 4,274 sq feet of total space.

“Opening this new and expanded R&D facility is an important part of our strategy to bring both our lead research and clinical-grade cellular and molecular imaging agents to market over the coming months,” states company President and CEO, Charles F. O’Hanlon.  “We are in active collaboration with several academic and industry parties currently evaluating our products for potential use in their discovery research or clinical protocols.  Our improved research facility will enable us to provide the kind of quality data and technical transfer assistance needed to ensure these collaborations are successful.”

About Cell Sense—Cell Sense is a fluorocarbon tracer agent used to label cells in vitro then transplanted thus enabling investigators and clinicians to non-invasively track the administration and delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic cells in vivo using MRI.  Applications include tracking therapeutic cells in regenerative medicine and immunotherapy applications, and observing localized immune system response by tracking populations of immune system cells.  Using software developed by Celsense, the investigators can quantify the number of labeled cells in a user-specified region of interest.

About V-Sense—V-Sense is an injectable fluorocarbon MRI tracer agent that labels leukocytes in situ, enabling the direct, non-invasive observation of immune system response and localized inflammation. Applications include observing change in immune system response to therapeutics and mapping localized disease such as certain cancers and infections. V-Sense can also be used to detect the partial pressure of oxygen in tissues, an important biomarker in cancer research and treatment

About Celsense, Inc.—Celsense, Inc. (the “Company” and “Celsense”) is an emerging biotechnology company offering novel pre-clinical and clinical-grade molecular imaging agents used to non-invasively visualize and measure biological processes at the cellular level in living systems. The core innovations of the Company involve molecular imaging agents that can be used to observe the trafficking of cells in small or large animals including humans using magnetic resonance techniques. The mission of the Company is to establish Celsense as the standard for cellular and molecular imaging in human health research and therapeutics.

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Charlie O’Hanlon, President and CEO
Celsense, Inc.
(412) 263-2870