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Study data incorporating Cell Sense MRI cell tracking reagent in T cells expanded in a GE Healthcare bioreactor will be presented at SITC annual meeting

October 30, 2015 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Celsense, Inc. announced today that study data regarding the successful incorporation of the Cell Sense MRI cell tracking label in T cells during expansion in a GE Healthcare Wave Bioreactor will be presented at a poster session on November 7, 2015 at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) annual meeting in National Harbor, Maryland. The poster, authored by investigators at Celsense and GE Healthcare, presents the results of a series of experiments in which the Cell Sense MRI cell tracking reagent was used to label T cells in state-of-the-art culture conditions similar to those used to manufacture novel immunotherapy products to treat cancer patients.

The development of new cancer therapies involving Chimeric Antibody Receptor T cells (CAR-T cells) or affinity T Cell Receptors (TCR’s) is moving rapidly to new cancer targets. Understanding the migration and persistence of transplanted cell is fundamental to optimizing the route of administration, dosage, receptor affinity, and the utility of a combination therapy. It has been demonstrated that Cell Sense, a proprietary MRI tracer agent used to track cells can be used to study the pharmacokinetics of immune cells in a clinical setting.

Prior to these studies, it had not been shown whether the Cell Sense MRI tracer agent could be integrated into a GMP like manufacturing process involving large numbers of T cells cultured in closed system bioreactors. In this study, the investigators report that they were able to incorporate the Cell Sense MRI tracer agent into the therapeutic cells during the expansion process in a closed bioreactor system, and that the labeled cells are comparable to control when analyzed using typical release criteria for a T cell product.

“Our customers are developing exciting new therapies, and literally inventing the means and methods required to deliver their therapies globally. Part of our role is to assist them in this process. I expect this data will provide an increased level of comfort regarding the integration of MRI cell tracking into their clinical studies,” said Dr. Brooke Helfer, the Director of Research and Development at Celsense, Inc.

About Cell Sense
Cell Sense is a patented fluorocarbon tracer agent used that enables researchers and clinicians to non-invasively track the administration and migration of therapeutic cells using MRI. Cell Sense is the subject of a Drug Master File at US FDA and Health Canada, and is the only clinical grade MRI cell tracking reagent available in North America.

About Celsense
Celsense develops and markets novel products that enable the non-invasive imaging of populations of cells in vivo using MRI. Celsense is based in Pittsburgh, PA and was founded in 2005. Customers include leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as medical research centers worldwide. Celsense’s mission is to be the standard for cellular imaging in human health. More information is available at

About SITC
Established in 1984, the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) is a non-profit organization of medical professionals dedicated to improving cancer patient outcomes by advancing the development, science and application of cancer immunotherapy and tumor immunology. SITC is comprised of influential basic and translational scientists, practitioners, healthcare professionals, government leaders and industry professionals around the globe. Through educational initiatives that foster scientific exchange and collaboration among leaders in the field, SITC aims to one day make the word “cure” a reality for cancer patients everywhere. The 2015 conference is the 30th Annual Meeting for SITC.

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