NEWS RELEASE - For Immediate Release

Celsense, Inc. Announces New Product

October 4, 2007 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Celsense, Inc, a provider of reagents and methods for imaging transplanted cells in vivo, announced that it has begun offering V-Sense, a fluorine-based MRI tracer agent. This novel vascular agent is primarily used to non-invasively measure tissue oxygenation in preclinical studies.
"V-Sense is a natural extension of our cell labeling tool set.  Our customers are seeking cutting edge technologies to accelerate the development of new anti-cancer therapies. We developed and produced V-Sense in response to an unmet customer need,” said Charlie O’Hanlon, President and CEO.

About Celsense, Inc. Celsense is a Pittsburgh based biotechnology company offering products that enable the real-time in vivo imaging of transplanted cells for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes.  The mission of the company is to be the imaging standard for transplanted cells in human health.

Contact Information:

Charlie O’Hanlon, President and CEO
Celsense, Inc.
(412) 263-2870