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The Voxel Tracker software program maximizes the potential of both the V-Sense and Cell Sense products. It enables rapid visualization and quantification of MRI-labeled cells. The image processing toolbox fuses and visualizes three-dimensional 1H and 19F images. Powerful, built-in, computational tools enable cell or inflammation quantification in regions of interest, thus enriching the utility of in vivo data. The software also serves as a platform for managing workflow and imaging studies. Voxel Tracker is currently offered via convenient web-based access and as workstation software that runs on multiple platforms. For more information and for a demo see www.voxeltracker.com or contact info@celsense.com.

Voxel Tracker workstation fuses and visualizes 19F/1H images, quantitatively analyzes apparent cell numbers in regions of interest, and manages imaging studies.